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Explode Leadership & Strategy - Develop your capabilities for the Future using Military Methods™. Explode Leadership & Strategy, is a company for Leadership Coaching and Organisation Development, for Mid to Top Level Personnel in any organisation and individual professionals. Our proprietary Military Methods™ of training and Future of Work focussed trainings are unique in Asia and Africa. This approach allows rapidly adapting organisations to change. This happens through Systems Thinking based behavioural conditioning and developing collective ability to understand difference between complicated and complexity situation. Our consultative process helps CEOs to bring about emergence from chaos to get profitability.

    Transform Talent to   High Performance  


Our Purpose is to Transform Talent to Excellence, so we help Individuals achieve High Performance!

All About You! And what you Achieve.


Preparing People Excellence

Practical Competence and skills for :-

✦ Adaptibility: The most essential capability for people in the near future and beyond.
✦ Apex Leadership: Top-level decision-makers leading Geographic Regions or the entire organization small or big. 
✦ Senior Leaders: Leading a function, department, business unit, division, or region. 
✦ Mid-Level Leaders: Leading a team or sections reporting up to senior leaders. 
✦ Frontline Leaders: New Managers of small groups or first amongs peers roles.
✦ Individual Professionals: Leading themselves, across boundaries, influencing in any capacity.

Impacting Organisation Excellence

Understand Organisation Nuances

✦ Agility: The most essential capability for organisations in the near future and beyong
✦ Organizational Effectiveness: Right strategy to operations, people networks, structure and processes.
✦ Culture Transformation:  Assess the culture you have, define the one you need and make the Shifts.
✦ Digital Transformation: Orient the Hierarchy, networked teams, resource reallocations for the future.
✦ Succession Strategy Implementation: Build and extend leadership capacity, for the future leadership pipeline.
✦ Team Networks: Flattened Hierarchy, with network of evolving teams aiding fast decision cycles co-creating value.

There is a lot to this. A discussion is the simplest for an informed decision. Tell what you need. Learn how we will make it happen.

Our Military Methods for Agile purpose oriented teams

✦ FORMING AGILE TEAMS  : Future Orientation for flattening the hierarchy. 

✦ CORPORATE COMMANDO : Select and Train Cross Functional, Quick Response Troubleshooter Teams. Capacity building for unforeseen situations.  - Future~Fluence™

✦ YOUR HIGH IMPACT TEAM : Train Leaders to Build Their Own Teams - Military Methods™

✦ RAPID SENSE-MAKING : Complexity and chaos re-orientation conditioning for Agile Teams.

....AND MUCH MORE  Ask Us!

Agile Team Development

▲  Rapid  Self-Synchronised Agile Team forming - Sandboxed  conditioning to function in the unknown (Caving Experience).  Invaluable

Our programmes are transformational, human-centred experiences, tailored to the challenges faced and skills needed for your vision.

Few Set Programmes and Demonstrated Use Cases in Pictures

Individual Develomnt Reteat Singapore

▲  INNER COMPASS: Women Entrepreneurs Retreat - Singapore 

Core Programmes for Leaders, Professionals, Freelancers, Anyone.

Conducted in Cohorts / Sub-groups.

✦ INNER COMPASS: Personal systems and Skills that take balance and elevate you in life and work. Self Management Attention Management Critical Thinking Creativity Social Intelligence.  DETAILS

ADAPTABILITY & RESILIENCE RETREAT: An action retreat covering Ability and Characteristics for individuals to be adaptable and resilient for the future of society and work. (By itself or as a follow-on from Inner Compass)  DETAILS

Skills for Future of Work

✦ Understanding Complexity 

✦ Systems Thinking and Decision Making 

✦ Leadership for Technocrats, Scientists and IT Professionals.

A mentored,  self driven personal growth journey.

1. PERSONAL DISCOVERY : Helps you delve into yourself. Strengths, weaknesses, your personal way of driving change, overcoming setbacks and setting yourself for success. Typical duration 5 to 6 months.

2. PERSONAL MASTERY : A follow-on journey after discovery. Helps you open up and self-drive yourself to excellence in life, family, work and whatever you set your mind to. Typical duration is 5 to 6 months and then you will drive your own evolution and excellence.

Individual Development

▲  Senior Leaders Capability Building and Culture Workshop helping merger of two large companies

- Across India

Develop competent and confident leaders at all levels and thrive

Top Decision-Makers & Seasoned Leaders

✦ APEX LEADERSHIP : Personal Systems and Skills for Top Decision-makers

✦ UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION : Orientation for the Digital Future → Future~Fluence

✦ COMPLEXITY LEADERSHIP : Learn to understand complexity and use Military Methods™  to uncover Strategy and Lead in Complexity and the Unknown.

✦ OPERATIONAL ART: evolving vision to strategy and distant directing execution

✦ DRIVING A DYNAMIC CULTURE: How to drive the company culture to adapt to frequent disruptive changes. (Intended for senior leaders and business owners).

Mid Level Leaders & Consultants

✦ FIT TO LEAD : Comprehensive array of skill sets to transform from Management skills to Top Leadership Strengths. See our  APPROACH
(Also covers agile leadership and follower-ship in collaborating teams or flattened hierarchy)

✦ OPERATIONAL ART: Understand overall Strategy and take it to Execution in Complexity and change. 

Freelancers & New Leaders

✦ FIRST TIME MANAGERS GAP SKILLING: Essential industry agnostic people skills. Training / Coaching to develop abilities to good working habits to inherent skills

✦ FRESHERS : Gap Skilling and Collaborative Grooming - Employability Development.

Leadership Development

▲  Open programme : Top and Senior Leaders Strategy Workshop - Ooty, India

Collaboratively created Programmes for groups and organisations.

✦Organisation Transformation / Change Management people collaborations

✦Flattened Hierarchy Re-orientations Advisory / long term collaborations

✦Succession Planning & Development 

✦Re-Skilling Assistance in role reassignments and Digital Re-Acceleration

Align people to your Vision and Strategy through Development that Endures

If you need it we build it

  Tell Us What You Need  

Organisation Development & Governance

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