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ExpLODE . . . an acronym!

Experiential Learning for

Organisational Development & Excellence

We are

A boutique training & coaching firm,  focused on  developing Situational Leadership and Strategic  Thinking,  for  senior and mid-level decision makers.

Explode Leadership - Outdoor Experiential Learning

Himalayan Foothills :  Outdoors Experiential planning task -  Fun and Effective, blended coaching

Explode - Concepts Session

A retreat in Singapore : Assimilating self development concepts

We are

Authentic  Comitted  Effective


What we do.

We offer customised, holistic programmes, taking time to understand your goals,  then coaching your team to perform at  a measurably higher level, helping you all the way to meet these goals, through our efforts.

 Our combination of gap-diagnostics, fun and effective  coaching, blended outdoor experiential tasks, indoor assimilation and military methods of self development are of a kind, that is unmatched in India.

We are always at hand with a work-place connect and mentoring programme.

Organisation Transformations

& Beginning Right

Being able to adapt operate and change quickly as an organisation, is an important Capability,  in todays's ever changing, business  environment.

Our "5-Steps" approach and coaching blended with military methods do just that, - prepare your organisation for response!

Beginning right for small set-ups. Changing in a responsive way for a big and established organisation. We do it right.

The first place to start change, is in the minds of leaders and managers, then the full spectrum.

Align People to 

Strategy    |   Technology   |   Processes

We help you connect your people to your business.

And we help the organisation leaders grow the capability and road map to ride future changes.

That's Transformation Inside-Out!

. . . It's exciting and liberating

Wouldn't you like to find out and fix, what's holding you back?

Seek and find your inner compass

Figuring things out by yourself.

Without someone throwing jargon at you.

Having great fun in the discovery.

Getting great support in your journey !


Learn "Good Follower-ship" , grow to -

- Great Leadership. 



We understands everyone dreams to be something! We help you BECOME what you want to BE - inside out.

  Adults take to self development or learning, only if they are clear about the purpose of their effort. Not everyone is motivated by the same things, but very often desire the same kind of outcomes.

  Our exciting and engaging individual development programmes, help you connect with your inner compass, to self-drive deep character changes to your goals!

Apex Leadership

& Steering Execution

Along with formal rules and processes, there exists an informal organisation of people and relationships, which make or break performance.

  We help Top decision makers develop abilities needed for steering distant strategic execution. Military concepts and higher command methods to grip the big-picture and minute ground realities, in their head on their feet!

  If you are at the top, or promoted to senior management or looking to take on greater responsibility, status, and prestige, these customised individual and small-group programmes are for you.

  Learn and grasp niche concepts of higher decision making, and ear-to-ground distant leadership, to truly become what you want to be.

At your level you have been through enough workshops and programmes giving leadership theory.

We make you command-ready with top level  command and policy framing concepts,  immersive decision making,  improved presence, international interaction tips and more. 

We build upon what you already know, to get you where you want to be.

and About The Military Method

The essence of  military method of training is, that it’s not about teaching people things at all. 

It’s about self-discovery and changing people so that they can do things they wouldn’t have dreamed  of  doing  otherwise.


Why it Works.

Military  approach to coaching

ACE values to deliver.

Our brains are not wired to learn through sequenced lists.

There are two keys for people to retain and apply knowledge, against the wear of time, culture and habits. These two keys are:-

★ Simultaneously engage them with multiple ideas and topics that concern and interest them, - just as it happens in real life;
★ Give them a chance to forget these learnings over a short period of time and then, force a recall. Recalling information and habits over time, reinforces neural pathways to memory and dig in new habits.

The "Explode way" achieves this.

Clear Objective. Clearly identified training needs and weaving in tracking milestone through out the engagement with participants.

Task based Experiential Learning. First contact, through carefully customised task oriented experiences that nudge the minds, blending sound behavioural psychology, with military methods - leading to memorable experiential learning;

Coach-Connect, long duration follow-up. The second step, is by introducing ideas and reiterating topics through a long term support. This foundational approach, ensures that you continue to build on the knowledge of what you learnt in the past.

We are different !

Our focus is on your benefits and goals

★Our 5 Step Process for real development

★Exciting, Customised,  Jargon free coaching

★Military Methods and Ethos of execution

★Long-haul support & value for your time

Cdr Indrajit Pakrasi, Explode Leadership


You may find our online articles interesting and useful.

People have written to us appreciating the thought provoking insights for their everyday usefulness.

Outdoor Experiential Learning Military Style  :  Engrossing !                         

  A Participant uses a break to plan his  next step of  the task                        

Explode Leadersip & Strategy - Outdoor Experential Lernining

Excellence does not happen in a snap. It takes changing minds, habits and even culture. But we work with you, . . .

. . . alone or in a team, for as long as it takes !

And , it does Begin with YOU!

Our work helps . . .

SBI genral Insurance, Training

SBI General Insurance          Partnering with IAG, SE Asia

Kerala Cricket Association, Mind Coaching Under 19 team

Kerala Cricket Assn

U 19 Team

Michigan Engineers, Training, Mumbai

Michigan Engineers


Young Presidents Organisation, Singapore

YPO Spouses, Singapore

NACEN, National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics

. . . and many individual achievers !

What they said.


"Mohan did a wonderful job of inculcating critical thinking skill for the service and programming  teams"

~ CEO, Phykon, Trivandrum