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Explode Leadership & Strategy - Develop your capabilities for the Future using Military Methods™. Explode Leadership & Strategy, is a company for Leadership Coaching and Organisation Development, for Mid to Top Level Personnel in any organisation and individual professionals. Our proprietary Military Methods™ of training and Future of Work focussed trainings are unique in Asia and Africa. This approach allows rapidly adapting organisations to change. This happens through Systems Thinking based behavioural conditioning and developing collective ability to understand difference between complicated and complexity situation. Our consultative process helps CEOs to bring about emergence from chaos to get profitability.

    Transform Talent to   High Performance  






Align business functions to your strategy. Gain business agility. Capability to face change.
Simply and without throwing jargon, we show exactly what and exactly how to shift and respond to changes



> 2000

Minds Shaped

> 26

Organisations and Groups Developed

People like our work

Thank you so very much for the splendid conduct of the programme .… It was very obvious from the response that a very favourable interest was generated …. which in fact led them to research new things on their own….

~ Nevil Malao, Vice President, All Ports – Operations JM Baxi Group

“Follower-ship does not mean being a doormat but taking responsibility for SHARED GOALS. Skillful followers are self starters who can think independently, and solve problems.” ... Satisfied with the programme for highlighting good follower-ship for people in the field. ~Mr Saurin Patel, CEO, Michigan Engineers

"A very Inspiring session along with good experiential coaching, was much appreciated"

~ Mrs Alka Chandra Head L&D, SBI General Insurance

“I can highly recommend their programme that is highly and effectively attuned to leadership and teamwork challenges of today’s corporates" ~ Alp Altun, EGM Transformation IAG Asia, Singapore

"Mohan did a wonderful job of inculcating critical thinking skill for the service and programming teams"~ CEO, Phykon

The military mind training on focus, muscle memory and building reflex for quick reaction was an eye opener for me ~ Jean Jon, Head Coach, Under 19 Cricket Team Kerala

We loved the final tying up all the concepts.

~ Begoña Valero, Participant YPO workshop, Singapore

 We are an Organisation Development and Leadership Strategy firm, Specialised and focussed on building adaptability for Business Agility.  So that you can confidently respond to change.

We are

Authentic  Committed  Effective

   Our ACE Ethos

What we do is Authentic. No fluff.

We are Committed to bringing value.

Our work is useable and Effective.

We are the only firm in India, specialised and dedicate to developing organisations for future of work. We become an extension of your leadership's efforts, while your team takes care of the business.

Healthy minds, - Peak performance


Mental health is a driving force for each person’s ability to feel and perform at their best. Set up systems for overall well-being such as access to their own team of behavior-change experts, physical intelligence and a success buddy. When you invest in mental fitness for your workforce, the impact on them personally and professionally is clear.

AI supported Simulation & Gaming for crisis decision-making conditioning

There are many skills, from leadership to entrepreneurship, where practice is hard. Most of this skills boil down to decision-making. How do we solve that? War-Gaming ! Top to Mid Leadership simultaneous communication and decision making, played real-time online, on individual consoles.  in crisis scenarios. "Proof of the pudding" debrief !

Upskill and incentivise your team  from Top Institutes, and Tech OEMs - without losing work-hours.

Our tie-ups with IIT and IIMs as well as Tech OEMs enable you to allow your teams to upgrade hard skills through executive programmes.

We also can customise courses from Tech OEMsfor particular tech skills for teams.

Create a constant pattern of improvement aligned to your strategies. Build a baseline for your company to embrace change.

Culture Change - Measurable and Sustainable change, Driven by a confident top leadership.

Pushback to change alignment comes from clash of the informal culture, unique to each organisation. Gaining knowledge and actionable steps to culture change, along with a system to measure the shifts, builds trust and confidence to embrace rapid change as an organisation.

Increase Speed, Accuracy - with systems of horizontal and vertical communication

Set up systems for human interaction and formal and informal information flow, which aligns employees with the company’s objectives, values, and customer-inclusion. Enhance self-organisation ensuring business resilience through crises or rapid change.

Remove Inefficiencies - Unleash cross-functional collaboration

Replace silos with talent mobility. Companies lose 20-30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies caused by silos. Remove artificial barriers which prevents you from tapping into our workforce’s full potential and ideas. Go from From talent hoarding in pockets, to internal talent sharing, systematically.

ENABLE great Outcomes

How aligned is your org?
Take a free check.

You may be in a leadership role, or part of a team, take this check to see where things are.  In a few minutes you will get many ideas about what you can change or improve just by yourself.


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Our Comprehensive Spread of Services
Every organisation will not need everything we offer.
Any organisation will find everything they need ... for future of work.

Future~Fluence ®

Rapid Adaptability to > Future~Fluence ®

FutureFluence® is our service that helps companies navigate the new paradigm of business, where time, talent, people’s energy, and ideas are the most valuable resources for competitive advantage, as against the industrial age focus on efficiency of capital and processes. By efficiently utilising the new scarce resources, businesses can gain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing landscape. The We guide your leadership to recognise  new sets of problems to be solved with new tools and strategies in the new way of creating value, in situations created from unprecedented impacts of technological advancements and environmental changes. FutureFluence® comprehensively offers the services needed to shift leadership vision, reorient organisational structure, and work-flow to outpace competition in the emerging future, presently understood by extremely few businesses.


Future~Fluence® helps businesses achieve improved outcomes and stay ahead of the game in the new paradigm of business. Old paradigm was to be efficient with capital as labour and time was abundant. In the new paradigm of business, getting capital is cheap, while the truly scarce resources are the time , talent , and energy of people and ideas those people generate and implement. Efficiency in utilising these scarce resources will provide competitive advantage. Change driven by interconnected technology and accelerated alteration of the natural environment are unfamiliar to most of us. Intended impacts are unprecedented and unintended consequences are unknown. For businesses, opportunities arise in the form of new sets of problems to be solved utilising new tools, executed in the new paradigm. Knowing what to do when, unlocks massive growth for people and organisations. All businesses start small. Leaders with a vision which is appropriate for their times make them big. Extremely few leaders today have a vision to frame a strategy to function in the new way of working. We help your leaders to allocate the companies’ scarce resources to outpace rivals. Which means that we provide all the services needed to shift leadership vision and strategies, reorient organisation structure and work-flow to continually respond and grow in the new way of working. This we call Future~Fluence® .

Business Alignment

Outcome Focussed Organisational Alignment

Your organisation gets streamlined, and delivers faster reduces costs and gets resilient to changing market forces from inside. People align your vision, measurably , with culture, governance, systems, and processes. Stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment with our Business Alignment services. Let us help you achieve your goals and get the foundations for adapting to continuous change at a pace and price you will find surprisingly do-able.


You straightaway can start to check your business functions and know if they are aligned to your strategy and bigger goals. This laser focus on the way of working will help you with rapidly improving the outcomes. We help you with developing and implementing systems, to measurably increase performance to 3x level. Your company will move faster to market and reduce costs, because you and your people will be using time and energy on exactly the things which matter. The right talent will be utilised in the right place, even eliminating parts of your activities or departments that do not support the long-term goals of business or organisational objectives. To top it our work will help you implement a system to measure every aspect which affects your business, both tangible and intangible. Through this streamlining relevant decisions, at all levels will become data informed and tracked through outcomes. When the market environment changes, this reorganisation with the right tweaks will help you to streamline your business and make quick changes possible to execute. All this at a budget and timelines that you will find perfectly do-able.

Business Agility

Leadership Driven Business Agility

Make your whole organisation flexible to adapt in every changing situation. From Top level to front-line leaders  will know how to bring clarity in complex situations and enable rapid pivots towards business agility. The organisation and workforce will become capable of absorbing new roles, technology, and patterns of working necessary to make your organisation future-ready. To tackle the problems of high churn of the workforce we will show you how to keep continuity, with systems to maintain organisation knowledge and culture.


Even a small change in the way of working makes, people experience common frustrations and feelings like – lack of control over situations. As your organisation gets more aligned, you can begin to embed - business agility. ( The verb. Not “Agile” the process - noun). Business Agility is the capacity as an organisation, to quickly change – systems, execution and respond to fluctuating situations triggered by any number of situations. These triggers may be from changes in market, social and natural systems. We help your leadership to develop the capabilities and to simplify and take decisions in a whole new way that prevents unintended consequences and knee-jerk reactions when operating in unprecedented complexity as well as the capacity to rapidly set up new systems to replace existing ones as required. This allows them to reorient the workforce and make adaptable procedures and systems relevant to your context and constraints. This is what makes the unit or company agile, leaner, faster to enable meeting challenges of shifting customer and stakeholder requirements.

A truly Indian firm Specialised in building  the  capability of your Leadership and the Organisation as a whole,  to adapt to Rapid Continual Change;

The capability to  keep pace with shifting industry boundaries, rapidly evolving technologies, and unpredictable change and disruption;

To keep evolving and to grow; Guided by your own Leadership, in Your own Context, given Your Constraints.


Before you critically need capabilities to change

 We Build  capabilities of your leadership and reshape organisation structures, to enable rapid adaptability -- of people, processes and the whole organisation -- in response to change .
 You Gain  -- as an organisation, the ability to apply systems thinking frameworks for innovation and rapid business alignment and business agility to avoid or overcome difficult situations. You get the know-how to sustain agility of functions as a culture and operate in the future. You gain Future~Fluence®

Benefit from Our Expertise. Prepare Now !

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