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The Founding Coaches

Cdr Indrajit Pakrasi

Indrajit brings  to this programme 22 years of experience in putting together task oriented, effective groups and more than 10 years of mentoring leaders. He took the cognitive and behaviour science behind the military methods of training and evident efficiency and bundled them into  these unique experiential trainig programmes. Fun trainings and continued mentoring that work for individuals, organisations, sports teams, Airlines, Top leaders, practically everyone who wishes to excel.

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Mohan Kumar

Mohan has over twenty years of global experience in coaching and mentoring executive leaders. You will find your time with him goes way beyond cognitive learning.He brings unique value and perspective to each training event. In fact, he was the guide and mentor for Indrajit to adapt the cognitive and behavioural aspects from Military methods of mind and attitude training, for experiential learning outdoors as well as on site. That is what makes this programme unique across West Asia, south Asia and  SE Asia.   

Advisors, Coaches & Associates


Dr Shashi Buluswar

Shashi is the CEO of the Institute for Transformative Technologies.He is the lead author of the groundbreaking study to identify the “The 50 most critical scientific & technological breakthroughs required for sustainable global development”. Shashi holds an MS and PhD from the University of Massachusetts in Artificial Intelligence, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.
Shashi was a Partner at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, a mission-driven strategy consulting firm, prior to which he was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, and a Visiting Professor at Northwestern University. Serving a broad spectrum of clients in international development such as NGOs, corporations, foundations, governments, social entrepreneurs, and international agencies like the UN., he has helped in restructuring the UN Peacekeeping Department's global operation, the Gates Foundation, development programs in Africa and Asia, post-conflict development in Afghanistan, several multinational corporations, dozens of NGOs. He teaches at the Haas School of Business at the University of California - Berkeley.
Beyond professional interests, Shashi spent a decade competing on the Indian national rowing team, and recently made a critically acclaimed documentary film.
He pursued his undergraduate degree from Goshen College. 
Shashi was born and raised in India, he is now based in California, US.

Shruti Pakrasi

An Organizational and Counselling Psychologist Shruti comes with a combined experience of nearly 12 years in the fields of learning & development, psychometrics, and mental health & emotional well-being at the workplace. An alumni of SNDT Pune and King’s College, London, Shruti built on her educational background in organisational psychology, experience of working in the consulting space, as well as being part of a global/ corporate learning & development team of a large organisation. She derived insights that enable her to tailor customised paths for Employee Development, Performance, Engagement, and Well-being.

Shruti’s core skills include Diagnostics / Need Analysis, Design and Development of learning solutions, learning journeys and competency based learning architectures, Psychometric testing, Designing assessment centres, competency mapping, Individual counselling for productivity, performance and well-being.

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Janice is a master at using the right activities and tools to bring out personal realisation of the participants' own and others behaviour in an organisation. These provide the value and basis of adult-learning psychology. Janice is a certified trainer with 'Leave No Trace' and  also certified in Outdoor education and recreation. She has coached and trained hundreds of leaders in a wide variety of environments. Her incisive line of questions during debriefs lead to quick realisations and learning.Highly energetic and motivational, her sense of humour brings both comfort and power to training events.

Aparna Ranadive

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Aparna P. Ranadive is an HR Professional,Change manager & Start up specialist, acclaimed by both industry, and Academia, for her contribution to the field of Human Resources, over the last 2 decades.her experience spans varied industry sectors such as Consulting & Tax Advisory, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, Telecom, Engineering & Manufacturing, Retail and held senior and leadership positions in most. Managerial leadership coaching and transitional coaching are her forte.Her friendly
Coaching and Counselling helps individuals to open up and deal with the issues openly.

Cdr Abhishek Kankan   NM  (Retd)

Cdr. Abhishek Kankan, NM has had broad exposure and myriad experiences from depths below oceans, to the highest point on earth. A submariner and Marine Commando, who summited Mt Everest in 2004, he was awarded NauSena medal for Gallantry by President of India. He draws upon these experiences to give valuable insights in individual and group development. Abhishek believes that there a desire to excel, thirst to be an achiever and is streaks of adventure in everyone. His coaching has an effect of introspection and self driven change that is in line with the ethos of the ExpLODE programme.