A dedicated Self-Orientation and  Self-Development Programme for Adolescents and Young Adults

From a unique coaching firm, which is focused on performance development, through experiential learning blended with military methods of self development.


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Camp fires for Bonding Activities
Camp fires for Bonding Activities

Amazing Environments
Amazing Environments

Sheer joy!
Sheer joy!

Camp fires for Bonding Activities
Camp fires for Bonding Activities


7 Needs of Adolescent development

  1. Need for Self Definition.

  2. Need for Competence and Achievement.

  3. Need for Physical Activity.

  4. Need for Creative Expression.

  5. Need for Positive Social Interaction.

  6. Need for reference framework for exploring adulthood.

  7. Need for Meaningful Participation for shaping personal beliefs.


Why a programme for Self-Development and Self-Orientation?

Varied and extensive research is pointing to factors -- like digital distractions, guidance gaps in unit families, skill-ability and learning disabilities at work, coupled with collective tendency of high expectations over short time frames, -- which disrupt intrinsic human ability of self-development, creativity and resilience, affecting young individuals. While that is exactly what they will need in the future!

Most adults today cannot fathom the youngsters' environment, using their experience and intuition.

Youth of today have to have resilient ability to self regulate and self develop.

Why Explode Youth Programme (EYP)?

EYP "Brain Science" (cognitive and behavioural psychology) based, Self-Orientation and Development Programme, through experiential learning coaching blended with proven military methods of character development, - hugely supplement  the 7 Needs of Adolescent development.

We bring a programme that is fun, challenging and engaging for the youngsters, yet is more than just excursions - they provide life-skills and experiences to fall back on for ever.

Delivered by a team that takes pride in being A.C.E. .. Authentic Committed Effective.

Who is it for?

These seven day Boot Camp like experiential learning outings are ideal for Older Adolescents (15 to 17 yrs),

and Young Adults (18 to 21 years).


We can also customise the activities and learnings for younger groups of adolescents.

The seven days camps may be broken into two 4day and 3days camp but a continuous 7day exposure is recommended.

See the next section for what you can expect to gain


If a differently abled youngster wishes to attend do write to us at]




A programme that is unparalleled for this age-group in India

Camp Objectives

Through fun and engaging experiences and activities, encompassing the 7 Needs of adolescent development,  the camp would open up the young minds hold their interest with the aim of:-

  • Self-Discovery and Character building through new interactions and experiences.

  • Challenge various skill and competence limits and beliefs.

  • Teach the youngsters how to control their body to control their minds, which in turn develops mental toughness

  • Bring awareness about co-operation, communication and teamwork - developing balanced social behaviour

What you gain.

The experiential learnings of this kind leaves a lasting impression and tangible change in behaviour.

  • Exposure to new challenges and overcoming them brings confidence

  • With confidence comes a change in attitude through self-awareness

  • These changes have a positive effect on competence in learning skills and social interaction.

  • Over time, the youngsters come about more confident, mentally resilient and able to emerge as adults.


Both in India and South East Asia  - We are able to bring unique experiences for our camps through our Safe and Competent Camping Partners / Field Professionals.

The coaching and training environment include:-

  • Well fitted out and equipped campsites

  • Professional Adventure safety oversight by Trained mountaineers / Cavers (spelunking) / Sailors - as per the experiential environment

  • Role Play guided by - Drama therapists and story tellers who shape aspects as self-talk and communication

     And much more!



If you represent an institution

Or a parent

Or an individual / group of friends

Connect with us and we will revert to you with the best combination of development set for you.

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