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Explode Leadership & Strategy - Develop your capabilities for the Future using Military Methods™. Explode Leadership & Strategy, is a company for Leadership Coaching and Organisation Development, for Mid to Top Level Personnel in any organisation and individual professionals. Our proprietary Military Methods™ of training and Future of Work focussed trainings are unique in Asia and Africa. This approach allows rapidly adapting organisations to change. This happens through Systems Thinking based behavioural conditioning and developing collective ability to understand difference between complicated and complexity situation. Our consultative process helps CEOs to bring about emergence from chaos to get profitability.

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PG Certificate in Operations Management


11 months


5 February 2023


26 March 2023


₹ 2,00,000/-

See actual class days below

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Operations Management

Programme Overview

Amidst Industry 4.0, manufacturing and operations are more digitally aligned than ever before. Various business functions are more integrated, data-led and insight-driven. This systemic industry-shift has necessitated an upgrade in contemporary knowledge and skills in the domain of operations management. A programme designed for operations professionals, to enable them to take tactical and operational decisions in alignment with organisational strategy. The programme unravels key issues relevant for operations managers.
• Capstone Project and Business Simulation
• Chamber Consulting by IIM Nagpur Faculty


Any Level - (As Required by Role)

Practitioners in manufacturing, project management, services or logistics sectors, and people aspiring to be a part of these sectors.

IIM Nagpur

Learning Outcomes

The teaching approach will be highly interactive leveraging technology, and deploy diverse pedagogical tools and techniques, including concept-oriented discussion sessions delivered through industry-focused cases, simulations, and activities.
You will gain :-
• Understand key issues pertaining to Operations Management
• Recognise the role of Operations Management in ensuring sustainable competitive advantage
• Acknowledge the need for alignment of operations with overall strategy and other functional areas
• Create and apply metrics to track and improve operational performance
• Appreciate advances in OM such as Operations Analytics and Industry 4.0


• Sessions will be conducted via a state-of-the-art Interactive Learning (IL) platform and delivered in Direct-to-Device (D2D) mode that can be accessed by learners on their Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet.
• Chamber consulting would be available in a phased manner to identify, analyse, and intervene on a real-life problem in the field of operations management. These problem(s) can be from areas such as project management, Lean/Six Sigma, or operations/supply chain that the participant is either facing at his/her organisation or is interested in exploring.

Direct to device online - Chamber consulting / interaction, will be intimated

Campus Immersion: 3-day on-campus module at IIM Nagpur

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