Apex Leadership

"Being a leader changes everything.

Before you are a leader, success is all about you. It's about your performance, your contributions. . . When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Your success as a leader comes not from what you do but from the reflected glory of the people you lead."                              ~ Jack Welch

Programmes customised for Top Level decision makers

  Top leadership is "BEING" the guide . . .  more than "DOING".  

At this level,

Its about, conveying belief in the enterprise, communicating purpose and shaping expectations. Maintaining team focus!

Its about effectively translating strategy to workable directions. Quickly re-aligning to changes and motivating!


★Our Apex Leadership programmes are directed at inspiring  leaders to self-regulate behavioural changes, through experiential learning, giving them the situational leadership edge to reorient and direct their teams. 

★We equip them with strategic thinking tools, through adapted military methods, for effectively guiding their business in step with the environment and goals.

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Caving in Meghalaya

Caving in Meghalaya

Small group outdoor experiential interventions - Memorable and highly effective

Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

Role reversal - revisiting starting years with present wisdom

Solo Run Uphill

Solo Run Uphill

Self Motivation - Some top leaders really show what it takes

Mind Maps

Mind Maps

Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore learn radial thinking and using mind maps

Kayaking Expedition Tasks

Kayaking Expedition Tasks

Fun experiences with surprisingly effective debriefs

Apex strategy workshop

Apex strategy workshop

Indoor session for military concepts assimilation before workplace application

Camp Avalanche

Camp Avalanche

One of the venues for life changing realisations in the forest

Wilderness Tasks

Wilderness Tasks

Time bound execution in unfamiliar conditions - work for true leaders

can benefit ?

★Senior most levels of organisations,

  (Managing directors, CXO or similar levels).

★Talented senior management team candidates, for succession planning.

★ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Unit Heads and Project Heads

★ Established leaders needing work-life balance or making a come back from personal crisis

A Snap-Shot.

ExpLODE programmes are completely customised to each organisation's needs through the  highly effective  5 Step Process .  A time efficient Teaching Clinic Approach is used to deliver the concepts and coaching to time-starved Senior and Top executives.

Few of the features that make Apex Leadership programmes really worthwhile
The "Teaching Clinic" Approach


Just like a clinic -- the focus is on very specific training needs, pin pointed through discussions and diagnostics. Custom designed coaching is delivered one on one or in small groups. Along with long-haul support and mentoring sessions the development is completed over enough time for the candidates to assimilate and test out the changes and ideas  at work.

This becomes a confidential and cost-effective way to accelerate success for busy leaders.

Experiential Learning Outdoors

​Alternating with introducing concepts indoors, participants are uprooted and re-rooted to outdoor camps. Here tasks are woven into everything they do, which are challenging, fun and relevant to the coaching aims. Resultant self discovery and performance jump is for ever !

Some invaluable learnings offered . . .

We want to tell you about some modules which other senior corporate leaders and entrepreneurs found invaluable

From Situational Leadership Experiences/Tasks

Personal Transformation

Centring your purpose

Foresight focus and Critical thinking
Radial Thinking (mentally tracking multiple-details)

Mind Maps and using them to advantage
“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” - military concept

​Directing Resources

Directing people who direct resources

Military "Battle Rhythm" concept

Distant leadership

Environment Awareness and Response (VUCA)

Realising Decision Points

From Strategic Thinking Experiences/Tasks

Setting Direction

Vision to Strategy
Translating strategy to execution
Military Op-Art concepts for difficult times
Risks and Uncertainty: difference and planning (VUCA)


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